Managed Services : Products

DIGIWE’s Managed Services for mobile operators’ products enable them to ensure user experience, reliability and easier go-to-market, while managing CAPEX and OPEX efficiently.


DIGIWE provides mobile operators with the ability to provision, manage, monitor and deliver a high quality and consistent VAS products and services’ experience.


Leveraged on TIMWE Group’s extended footprint and expertise, DIGIWE is an ideal Managed VAS provider because of its combination of telecom expertise, system integration capabilities, financial backing and flexible business models. Due to our experience in many markets around the world, DIGIWE also provides consultancy services, by recommending always the best solutions.


  • Revenue Enhancement
    • Improve end-to-end service experience
    • VAS planning and consulting
    • Go-to-Market speed
    • Increase Portfolio
  • CAPEX and OPEX Reduction
  • Increased Product / Brand Awareness;
  • Optimize Resources and Increase ARPU

DIGIWE provides Managed Services for various VAS products, such as content Portals, RBTs or Airtime Credit.


DIGIWE ensures that mobile operators provide their users with the best experience, for anybody & anywhere. By working as a natural extension of the operators’ teams, we manage these products with our minds set on UX, innovation and fantastic content! Our solution is based in several verticals, from User Experience to Content Providers management and provisioning, as well as billing and development of the best promotion techniques.





  • Dynamic content, personalized by user profiles
  • Integrated Communication across Channels
  • User Experience adapted to all devices & Simple navigation ensuring a Simple Purchase Flow
  • Automated device detection and tailored sites for multi-device; Multilanguage
  • Dynamic content refreshed instantly
  • Social and Interactive Features


DIGIWE enriched RBT platform meets the needs of today´s smart device users, with attractive and contextual interfaces that deliver RBT in a new and dynamic manner.  


By combining the RBT platform with Service Management, DIGIWE offer an approach that will:


  • Tackle smartphone user needs
  • Create new communication and advertisement channels
  • Engages users on a long term basis
  • Recover interest of post-paid subscribers, with new features
  • Revive stagnant revenues


DIGIWE provides a credit advanced solution to mobile carriers worldwide. Our top up credit solution is based on a state-of-art platform that brings multiple benefits for both mobile operators and users.


For Operators:


  • Increases revenues
  • Increases the average amount available on users balance
  • Improves chargeability rates for all services
  • New monetization channel & revenue stream


For end-users:

  • Availability of credit anytime & anywhere
  • Possibility to postpone payments
  • Scheduling of recurrent reloads via subscription
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