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DIGIWE launched Airtime Credit with Algar


DIGIWE launched Airtime Credit with Algar

DIGIWE is proud to announce another important partnership, with Algar Telecom (Brazil), an Airtime Credit (ATC) project was recently launched with outstanding results on its first days!

ATC was officially launched on June 28th and will be held for 5 years. Through this new partnership, TIMWE Group is providing Algar with a credit advanced solution, based on a state-of-art platform that will bring multiple benefits for both Algar and its users.

But, how does ATC really work? It’s so simple! Imagine you’re trying to call someone or active some data package, but suddenly you’re aware that you don’t have enough credit… Big problem, right? However, through our ATC service, which is integrated with Algar, users can solve this issue and have an available credit immediately, to keep talking or browsing the internet that enables them to keep communicating through their cell phone. In the following top up they’ll be charged by the value of the previous credit plus an additional fee.

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